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Main Products: Sofa Fabric,Short Floss, PU, Suede, Linen Fabric
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we are a green, environment-friendly and smoke-fre...

Fair:China Interdye

Time:[Apr 12, 2017 To Apr 14, 2017]

Venue:Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center
Product Profile:dyes in the Chemicals & Dyes, Textile, Fabrics & Yarns industries.

Fair:Textile Asia

Time:[Mar 28, 2017 To Mar 30, 2017]

City/Country: Karachi,world
Venue:Karachi Expo Center
Product Profile:textile products and equipment, clothing raw materials, garments, fiber, cotton, wool, clothing machines, machine parts and tools, clothing equipments and all products associated with garments and clothing etc.

    Textile Raw Material Price 2017-03-27[Mar 28, 2017]

    Textile Raw Material Price 2017-03-27 Item Price Unit Fluctuation Date Crude Oil WTI 48.24 USD/Barrel -1.27% 2017-03-27 Crude Oil Brent 867 USD/Barrel -0.34% 2017-03-27 PX 50.96 USD/Ton -1.64% 2017-03-27 PTA Buy 5020 RMB/Ton -0.5% 2017-03-27 PTA Sell 652 USD/Ton 0% 2017-03-27 MEG...

    India may impose duty on elastomeric filament yarn[Mar 29, 2017]

      The Government of India is likely to impose anti-dumping duty on import of elastomeric filament yarn from four countries—China, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam—as the Directorate General of Antidumping and Allied Duties (DGAD) has concluded in its investigations that the yarn has been exported to India from these countries below its associated normal value.   The authority “...

    Mulberry launches separate Asian company[Mar 29, 2017]

      British luxury label Mulberry has announced its new Asian-focused company Mulberry Asia is set to begin trading in Hong Kong from April 3.   The new company comes following a business agreement with Challice Limited and will see Mulberry Asia operate the group’s operations in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.   Mulberry Group plc will own 60 percent of the share capital of M...

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本港台现场直播Oct.24,2013 GlobalTextiles Buying Trip( GTBT)

GlobalTextiles Buying Trip is the professional business trip for textile purchase in textile industrial clusters of China. During the trip, you can meet textile factories face to face at local textile clusters, get the competitive prices of your required products and visit sample rooms and factories.

Purchase Meeting

Face to face with suitable suppliers;
Enjoy professional matching service;
Get competitive prices;
Make order directly;
Save purchase cost.

Product Categories

Woven Fabric, Knitted Fabric, Cotton Fabric, Silk Fabric, Polyester Fabric, Viscose Fabric, Jeans Fabric, Composite Fabric, Accessories, Embroidery fabric, Jacquard fabric, Garment, home textiles

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